A word about this site

church simplified blog—A weekly blog that explores the simple church life.

The blog will endeavor to be open, honest and relevant to building a close personal relationship with the godhead. (CPR)

It will chronicle some of my journey from senior pastor to simple church adherent.

The beginning post is scheduled to be live on March 4, 2017.

Happy New Year!

As 2017 begins to unfold there will be many changes taking place around our country as well as the world.

I believe the prompting of the Lord would have me to comment on some of those changes as it relates to being righteous—standing right with God.

These comments will appear on the Current Events page.

I cannot say how often comments will appear; but I can say that when they do, the theme will center on being righteous.

You will also notice updates on the pages that are currently listed along with a few new pages of interest.

It is about developing—and growing—a viable relationship with the godhead.

I believe this is more than a theme for 2017; it is a mandate! The religious order of doing church will be shaken this year. Only those who know their God by having relationship with him will stand.

It remains my hope that this site both encourages you as well as provides you with a way to develop that relationship.

Latest post:

As we approach the halfway point of 2017, I remain alarmed at the level of hatred that continues to run wild in our nation. It is as though some evil has been unleashed on the earth to wreck havoc on humanity. It isn’t isolated to any one region as it has been in the past. Today world headlines announce violence, mass killings, and pandemonium in virtually every corner of the world.

Even though such violence isn’t uncommon in news headlines, it is quite uncommon to see it in mainstream America. Our colleges and universities report such hatred so as to close down the campus. Our high schools, middle schools, even elementary schools are rocked with children bringing weapons on campus, or being expelled from campus because they wear a certain piece of clothing.

The blatant disrespect of college professor’s regarding school rules and regulations should alarm parent’s whose children attend their schools.

The violence has grown increasingly more hostile.

Perhaps the most alarming non-news of all is the absence of parents’ outcry to do something about it. Either the media refuses to report it; or parents’ are not concerned about it.

The Old Testament prophet Daniel spoke about a time that sounds a lot like this time in history. He speaks of a king returning to his land and bringing persecution upon those who stand for Jehovah God while deceiving those who only have knowledge of him.

These people who are being persecuted will stand firm taking action against this king because they know their God

They have a close personal relationship with the godhead; the God of all creation; the God who loved so much to send his son; the son who loved so much to send the Holy Spirit to empower believer’s lives.

This is why this site is so important! This is why Christ follower’s worldwide must learn about and develop a close personal relationship with the godhead.

This relationship will cause them to stand; cause them to resist such an evil king.