The focus of this website isn’t to capitalize on current events for the sake of gaining an audience. However from time to time, current events stir me to the point of action–which for me is writing.  Below are those stories.

Where is the unifier?

After reading today’s news reports, I set out to understand what a “racist past” was in hopes of either qualifying or disqualifying the men whose statues are at the heart of this latest controversy.

As I read through the mounds of articles one point became extremely clear and it isn’t that America is divided. To be sure this nation is very much divided.

The simple truth is those in authority in our nation have no desire to unite our nation.

The political leaders want to point fingers of blame while defending their various positions. The Media wants to throw fire on the matter, probably to increase sales. The many and varied opposition groups have always pushed their agenda, so no change there except that they have above groups willing to give them attention.

The irony—if there is one—is that this doesn’t sound much different than the tension between the North and the South leading up to the Civil War.

Neither side was willing to let go of their beliefs. Seven states believed it so deeply that they seceded from the union. Four additional Southern States making 11 states in all soon followed them.

This raises a question with a very obvious answer. Were these 11 states rebels? The answer is yes.

However before stones are cast, another question should be asked. Were the 13 original colonies rebels for rebelling against British rule? The answer is also yes.

The 13 colonies seceded because they believed so strongly in something that it was worth the risk. In like manner, the 11 states that made up the Confederate Union believed in something so strong that the risk was also worth it.

This isn’t to say that slavery was a good thing; it isn’t. One human owning another human goes against the nature of humanity. It is wrong; it is sin.

However, that isn’t the point. The point is the spirit that made America great. That spirit is what gave these men and women the boldness to stand up and defend what they believed—as wrong as it was.

That spirit is what gave the 13 colonies the boldness to stand up for what they believed—as right as it was.

There used to be an unspoken journalist rule that went something like this; I may not agree with your point of view, but I will defend to the death your right to express it. Sadly, it seems, that rule has been abandoned in the name of progressivism.

In America you still possess the right to express yourself. The rallies that are currently in the news are testimonies to the American spirit. Don’t attend if you don’t agree. In fact, as I see it, the only reason you would go is to stir up trouble.

The violence is a sad consequence to that expression, though it doesn’t make it right. The lack of a godly foundation could be a reason the violence is increasing.

What brings balance to such expression is leadership that upholds the law, not pointing fingers of blame while promoting their particular agenda.

What is needed in the midst of such turmoil is the voice of reason. Someone who is willing to stand up, stand firm remaining steadfast while doing the right thing.

Abraham Lincoln was such a man throughout the Civil War.

The question today is who will be that man or woman today?

Who will lower the finger of accusation and lift up the banner of unity to bring a divided land to the table of reconciliation? Those men or women are out there—this is still America.

Previous Installment

However the tragic event in Oregon this past week coupled with the endless stories about the troubled young man behind them has brought me to sad realization. This young man has been classified as everything from a terrorist to mentally ill. Gun control advocates are using it to promote their cause while seemingly ignoring the hundreds of lives that have been forever impacted by the actions of a single individual.

As I played this over and over in my mind this week I began asking myself how this could have turned out differently. That is when I heard that still small voice of the Holy Spirit remind me of the Apostle Paul’s writings to the churches concerning the end of the age. Jesus himself told the disciples of such events taking place at the time of the end. Events like this one will continue and quite possibly increase in the foreseeable future.

There is a page on this site titled I can only imagine, that is devoted to thinking outside the traditional church box concerning scripture as well as stories that we have been taught. I initially thought to place this writing on that page. I didn’t because it doesn’t relate to the focus of the page. I mention it because I can only imagine how this tragic story could have turned out differently had this young man encountered Jesus—the man; the one who walked the streets of Jerusalem. I can imagine that Jesus would have loved the man coming along side him in his isolation. I can imagine Jesus not being rejected when the young man pushed him away—as he most certainly would have. Jesus would have used other occasions to interact with him to the extent the young man would allow him to do so. This process—and it would most certainly be a process—would have taken months if not years to penetrate the shell surrounding the young man’s heart.

Fast-forwarding to the day of the event, I can only imagine how Jesus would have handled the situation. I do not think he would have looked at the young man with discuss or distain. I think he would have looked at him with such compassion that it would have caught the young man’s attention. It would have bothered him to the point of forcing him to turn his face away or raising his gun so as to threaten Jesus to stop. I can imagine Jesus slowing raising his hands while encouraging the young man that he meant no harm. At this point I can imagine Jesus looking past the troubled young man and speaking to the demonic force controlling his actions commanding him to leave. The young man’s voice would change as the demonic force would engage Jesus only to be cut short with a command to leave the young man. This would be followed by a deafening scream with the young man collapsing in a heap at the feet of Jesus. Gasps would echo through the classroom, as Jesus would gently take the young man by the arm to lift him up. He would look him in the eye encouraging him that things will get better.

I understand what I have just written sounds totally ridiculous; and in today’s world I would agree with you. However in Jesus’ world it could have certainly happened that way. It could have most certainly happened that way in Oregon had there been someone in the classroom that had a close personal relationship with the godhead.

For me this tragic incident is a sobering reminder that our religious exercises to “do” things in the name of Jesus fall woefully short. Perhaps it is time to focus our efforts on building a relationship with him rather than doing things in his name. Maybe then the scene I imagined would become a reality.

This past Friday marked the 58th inauguration of the President of the United States of America. The events leading up to as well as since that moment are both what make America great and what should cause deep concern about our nation, or democracy and our way of life.

This is America!

For the 58th time since the founding of America, the American people exercised their right to vote by electing the 45th President. This is but one of the freedoms that American’s enjoy.


It must be remembered that there are still people in the world who live under dictatorships and tyrannical governments that offer them little to no freedoms at all.


It must also be remembered that each American who stood, sat behind a voting booth or mailed in a ballot, did so freely of his or her own free will.


It must not be forgotten that freedom of speech and public assembly are rights afforded to all who live in this country. This means the many protests; rallies and public gatherings were able to take place without fear of government interference. Not one of the people who attended a single event had to worry about being shot, arrested or thrown into jail simply because they exercised their rights.


This is America!


It concerns me however, that it shows how deeply divided our country is.


It concerns me that many of the recent media articles about the President’s comments or actions accentuate the negative while glossing over the positive. It is alarming that some in the media are offering definitions based in early American culture without offering so much as a shred of evidence that their meaning is accurate.


I read that some Celebrities have voiced that the White House should be set on fire.


This is America; each has a right to their respective opinion; but had this kind of language come from the mouth of an everyday citizen, a warrant for their arrest would have been issued.


It sadly reminds me of a phrase from a now iconic speech by Abraham Lincoln known as the Gettysburg Address. President Lincoln gave this speech during a great national crisis—the Civil War. The purpose of the speech was to dedicate the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA. His closing statement speaks volumes about the America we live in today.


“It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

At the end of the day what has happened? Is our great nation headed for another civil war; or will we once again show the world what makes America great by rallying together around the things we can agree on while working out a viable solution to those things we do not?

President Trump V King Saul

As I re-read the Lesson’s from my Mentor’s section, I was struck with a possible comparison between Saul and Donald Trump even though at first glance there is no comparison at all. Saul was a farm boy while Trump is a wealthy businessman; Saul hid from his responsibility while Trump is embracing his. However, Saul was chosen by God to lead the people and yet the people rejected him, refusing to see him as their king. Although I will not be as bold as to say that God has chosen Trump to lead America, God dos watch over this great nation. Saul exhibited wisdom beyond his years by not getting caught up in the discontent of the people; rather he went about to lead them. At this point in his tenure, it appears Mr. Trump is doing the same.

Saul became full of himself choosing to believe he was behind the successes rather than rightly giving God credit. Could it be that this is Mr. Trump’s Achilles heel?

Latest post:

When I started this page, I thought it would be filled with all sorts of examples about our country—America. I could have done that, but I think it would have been a sadly depressing page!


I am deeply concerned at the intense level of division and separation that is blatantly in your face in our country. There is a growing line of demarcation between those who align themselves with conservative beliefs and those who align themselves with liberal beliefs.


There has been tension between these two camps as long as there has been a camp; but I have never seen it so filled with anger, hatred and contempt as it is today. One could build a strong case for the end of the term “bi-partisan,” based on the events of the past four to five months.


The media would have you believe that the world is adamantly against the President and his agenda. They push with such hated passion the opposition to anything he says or attempts to do. For many news outlets the new idea of news seems to be blaming the President for everything negative that is going on anywhere in the world.


This philosophy can be both seen as well as heard on billboards, bumper stickers, radio and television ads as well as nearly every Hollywood venue that has opened their doors in the past several months.


The question I ask is, why? Has America become such an a-moral country that mass of population want nothing to do with anything that is remotely righteous?


Is it possible that a long hidden agenda has been emboldened to finally make their move on our country? I am not talking conspiracy theories; I am talking a deep-seated anger that has been hidden just under the surface of society.


The reason I mention this idea this way is because the Bible speaks of such a thing taking place at a specific time in human history.


Jesus gives warns that during this time that even family will betray each other. The Apostle Paul warns that during this time people will invent ways to be evil. He says that they will be proud, arrogant boastful people who opening hate God and everything godly. He warns that they will hold nothing sacred, even masquerading as godly people for the sake of betraying them.


I find it interesting that the apostle identifies who is behind all of this upheaval—Satan himself.


I find it interesting that the Apostle Peter, speaking of this same time, declares that righteous decisions must be made in God’s household.


I find it amazing that Jesus speaks of this time as the end of the age.


It is possible mankind is watching unfold before their very eyes the fulfillment of such a time!