I have not been able to pinpoint a viable reason for this, but I have a very strong sense that this Easter will have an important historical purpose. Easter was the most the meaningful holiday for me as a traditional pastor. It is the one event in biblical history that points to a particular date. Throughout the years, there has been proof after proof that the stories of the Bible are indeed true. As a child of God we believe that Jesus was born of a virgin; but the date of his birth is relegated to an approximate time of year. His suffering, death and resurrection however happened at a precise time—the Passover. It is a holy day, a time of great significance for the Jewish people. It signifies the death of Egypt’s firstborn and the freeing of God’s people. This particular Passover marked the fulfilling of one of God’s greatest promises—the coming of Messiah. I understand that most of the world, let alone the majority of Judaism do not acknowledge this. I also understand that for many years’ rulers and wise leaders believed the world to be flat. On this Passover, not only was the sacrificial lamb slain, he was the firstborn son of God, he rose from the dead to be seated at the Father’s right hand. It is without question that the world is in a state of turmoil with virtually every country on the planet experiencing natural disasters, humanitarian woes, civil war or saber rattling meant to demonstrate power. As a follower of Christ, there is an understanding that such things will be on the rise prior to the return of Christ. To be sure everything mentioned has been taking place for centuries; but something is different this time. In years past America has been a foreboding presence that brought a certain deterrence to extreme actions. That is certainly not the case today. In years past smaller countries were experiencing humanitarian woes or civil uprising; but the help of today isn’t relieving the problem. In years past saber rattling was reserved for larger more powerful countries; while today tiny counties are being boldly defiant. What does it all mean? For the general population it is simply business as usual; however for the follower of Christ, it could have very significant meaning. Jesus speaks of these things in the Gospel of Matthew. “Don’t let them mislead you,” he told his disciples. He went on to say that there would be wars and rumors of wars. He said that one kingdom rising up against another while many natural disasters would take place in many places around the globe. Then Jesus makes this statement, “This is only the first of the birth pains…” He tells the disciples that the end does not come until his followers are arrested, persecuted and killed; until many turn from following him and betray and hate each other. False prophets will deceive many while sin will be rampant and many will loose the ability to love. The followers who endure all of this are the ones who will be saved. He tells them that the good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed to every people. Once all these things are done, the end of the age will come. I suppose my question is who much does this sound like the world we live in today? The Apostle Peter addresses this matter when he states, “What happened to the promise that Jesus is coming again?” He goes on to state that everything like this has happened over and over again since the beginning of the world. So why is this any different? The Apostle’s answer is that God does not lie and will fulfill the promises he has made. This means that things could go on as they have been or that something is different this time and the conclusion of the matter is at hand. As Jesus stated, the follower who endures—does not give up, throw in the towel and walk away—will be saved. What do you believe?