With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas only days away, I wanted to depart from the blog to offer seasons greetings to everyone who finds enjoyment in following along. This journey has been the most incredibly challenging, most excitingly scary thing I have ever done. Who had any clue that simply saying yes to the will of the Father would be so difficult, yet so rewarding? This is coming from one who has spent their entire life in the church—as we have known it. Someone who abandoned a career path in business to answer a calling to preach the gospel—again as we have understood preaching the gospel. I remember a time growing up when this was a special time of year; a time when strangers were polite, helpful even, to other strangers simply because it was Christmas. I remember a time when retail businesses closed early on December 24th and opened later than usual on December 26th. I realized that my children have not known that reality in the America they are growing up in. I realize that our society has become so saturated with political correctness that one is made to feel guilty for saying Merry Christmas at the risk of offending someone. I can recall a family in the neighborhood who did not celebrate Christmas. They were not offended when being offered that salutation. On the contrary, they understand it to be a positive expression of the season rather than an infringement of their religious belief. I remember the time when not saying Merry Christmas was considered impolite or disrespectful. My, how times have changed—and not for the better I must say. Having said that, I want to go on record for wishing each and every one of you a most Merry Christmas and blessed New Year. I want it to be known that I write it without the least bit of fear of offending you. Instead I say it as a gesture of blessing and goodwill toward you. It is my solemn prayer that power of love that flows form the triune God be experienced in your lives this holiday season and beyond.

Thank you following along. Merry Christmas everyone.