Salt and Light

The purpose of this page is to take a look at spreading the good news of Christ and his kingdom–we have called it evangelism. There are many programs in the marketplace on the subject. What if we have been going about it the wrong way all this time? What if the Bible clearly lays out a method for presenting the good news that is profoundly simple? Could it be this simple method could help spread the message to every tribe, tongue and people group around the world?

The phrase comes from the Sermon on the Mount in the gospel book of Matthew chapter five where Jesus begins his public ministry by instructing his followers on various ways to live. Interestingly the phrase has made its way on Wikipedia where it offers “An article about the biblical metaphor.” It is my purpose to use the title to introduce what I have known my entire life as evangelism. Salt speaks of flavor while light speaks of illumination. I would suspect that I have heard—as well as practiced—nearly every evangelistic program that has come out in the past 30-years. It is important to note that I am not speaking negatively about any of those programs. I believe that they have a place in the religious matrix. It is my intent to take another look at the same scriptures in light of the idea of relationship with the Father. I believe that what you will discover is that presenting the good news of Christ and his kingdom is suppose to be as natural as breathing. I recall one occasion where a group of us went to a recreation field to do focused evangelism where we offered a bottle of water to people. We were sitting in the van in the parking lot looking nervously at each other. After a few awkward moments I spoke up saying, “I really do not want to do this!” Those with me looked at me both shocked and relieved that their pastor would say such a thing. “But,” I continued, “We have made a commitment to do and do it we shall.” We had a great time that afternoon. To our knowledge not one person made a commitment to follow Christ or join our church, but it was a most enjoyable time. The point of the story is that the act was not natural—it was necessary. What we have come to call evangelism is a necessary act; one not readily embraced by the Christian population. Salt and Light is designed to address that by showing you how talking to others will become nature once you grow into an intimate relationship with the Son.

This page is in a process of change. It will continually be updated until it reaches its full potential.