The simplified gospel

This page is designed to utilize a parallel teaching approach to accomplish a deeper understanding of the teachings of Jesus regarding the New Testament Church. This parallel approach was simply the established method of teaching in the first century.

What is important to establish is the fact that in using this approach Jesus was not stating a wrong verses a right way to herald the gospel—nor is that the intent of this site. Jesus is simply drawing on the knowledge that the mind already possesses in order to expand that knowledge. Another way to state it could be, “You have known this, but in addition to that, let me show you this. These conversation’s that I mentioned earlier serve as a way for the Holy Spirit to draw on the knowledge that is already present in ones mind in order to show them another way of looking at a long held-to truth. Let me be quick to point out that I am not even hinting that the truth is wrong or even incorrect—that could be the case sometime. What I am saying is that as I move forward on this journey the Holy Spirit shows me another way to see that truth. At that point, I have a decision to make. IF what he shows me is completely different from what I have so closely held to as “truth,” then I must determine if (1) this is something the Lord IS showing me—if so—(2) decide to embrace it or reject it. Allow me to interject two biblical disclaimers.

First the apostle Paul tells the believers at Corinth that it takes two or three witnesses to establish the word. This of course is taken from Moses’ instructions found in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. Secondly the apostle John tells us in his writings that the anointing of the indwelling Holly Spirit teaches you so that you do not need the teaching of men. This could be a study for another time, but please understand the apostle to say that what the indwelling Holy Spirit teaches you will not come from men, but God. Righteous men (male/female) will certainly be able to confirm—two or three witnesses—what he has shown you.

It is my desire that you examine this form of teaching and begin to use it as we go through the teachings of Jesus.