As I mentioned in the previous post, I have recently started a new position that is quite demanding. As a result we have had to make some serious adjustments to our time in the man-cave. It has also cut down on the amount of times that I have been able to post a blog. This however has not lessened the interest or intensity that my son and I are have in our journey. The entry below was actually written a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t had “The Talk” yet, but it is soon to discussed. I will keep you posted. As well, we have completed the first phase of our journey to manhood and have just entered our second phase. In the next couple of weeks I will post our progress as well as my observations. Thanks for following along—it remains “an unexpected journey!”

Puberty is upon us! It is with increasing frequency that I see evidence of my son’s physiological changes. I have commented several times about the relief of NOT having to deal with the subject; however the time has come. The interesting thing about it is the fact that there seems to be a somewhat natural approach to the topic because of one of his spiritual rites of passage—building a relationship with God. Another issue that became clear on our walk the other morning is the fact that both of us are struggling with that rite of passage. It appears that he is as uncomfortable talking with me about it as I am talking to him. I haven’t approached the subject yet, but I have been giving it a lot of thought coupled with a good deal of prayer. I think another fact that will prove to be helpful is how commonplace sexual encounters are on television. There was an episode on Star Trek Voyager—a show that we watch—will give me a perfect segue into the subject. At this point the approach is three-fold. I will use the Star Trek episode to open the discussion. I will endeavor to get him to open up about his thoughts and feelings about it. Secondly I will read him a few passages from the Bible about a husband and a wife explaining to him the confines of marriage. Finally I will pray over him offering my support as he journeys into this part of his life.