The journey continues. There is only one post this week. Here is what is going on.
We are deep within Spirit Mountain. The enemies are few and far between. The path is smooth and easy going. The climax of this first rite of passage is mounting. The verses of scripture to be memorized are flowing easily with only four more verses to learn. The daily read in the Old Testament book of Proverbs is yielding gems of wisdom that will be useful as the journey moves forward. Our daily time in the Man Cave can be likened to honing our skills and sharpening our swords. There is a new battle that is brewing like an approaching storm on the horizon—it is called, Leading a Bible Discussion! The first two rites are all but conquered; their ends are in sight. Safe passage out of Spirit Mountain lies on the other side of this rite. The things we have gathered while here will be most useful for the mental challenges that we will face as we enter the Halls of Knowledge. It is projected that we will face this challenge head-on by the end of September. But for now deep preparation is needed to gain both understanding and strength to face this upcoming rite of passage. Nothing concrete has been established to bring this discussion forth, but we are sure it will present itself. The daily riggers of schoolwork and chores cannot be neglected, which means our time devoted to overcoming this challenge must remain focused and dedicated. We will prevail.