As we enter this third spiritual rite of passage to lead a bible lesson, there are several thoughts that are on the forefront of my mind. The first rite of passage has a distinct beginning and ending—memorize a certain number of bible verses. This third rite of passage also has a clear beginning and ending—lead a bible lesson. The second rite of passage is considerably vague but probably the most significant—build a relationship with God. The initial step in this rite of passage began with a daily reading in the Old Testament book of Proverbs. Each day one chapter is to be read with one question asked at the end of the chapter, How does this get me closer to God? Many days my son and I have read the chapter together with him reading a portion while I read a portion. We will then take time to look over the verses and find a few that could serve as an answer to the question. Even though there isn’t a definitive conclusion to this rite of passage, I can say that I see evidence that his relationship with God is growing stronger. It is usually in the little things that he does like helping his brother and sister or saying something in family conversation.

This third rite of passage is proving to be a challenge for my son as well, lead a bible lesson. He does not like speaking in public. He can do it, he just doesn’t like to. The school network our children are involved with requires them to weekly give a brief talk about a particular subject. It may vary from an assigned topic to a topic of interest. The purpose behind this is to assist them in knowing how to support what they believe by being able to discuss why they believe it. I have been able to use this in preparation of this particular rite of passage. It is not my intent to force him into becoming a public speaker like his dad, but I do agree with the philosophy of being able to convey why you believe what you believe. And since humans do that through some form of intelligent conversation—although at times that may be debatable—it is important for my son to pass this rite of passage.

On the heels of this doorway lies the Hall of Knowledge—our mental journey. This rite of passage will involve us together reading three books. I selected two of the books and have my son the opportunity to choose the third. The purpose of this rite of passage is to gain the understanding that can be gleamed from their content. More will be discussed about which books and why I thought they—at least my two selections—are important.