We have been quite challenged these past several weeks with the start of a new position, however our Unexpected Journey has continued to move forward. We have had to adjust our times in the Man Cave to earlier less often gatherings. This hasn’t been a bad thing though. It is an opportunity to teach my son about the necessary adjustments in life. The start of the school year brought about the first adjustment in our schedule, but we were able to continue to meet daily. This newest adjustment has meant meeting less often for a shorter amount of time. I remain encourage that my son still has a willingness to meet with me as well as a commitment to continue the journey. He has successfully committed to memory the Bible verses. We regularly talk about them—the wisdom well experience. He has been faithful in reading one chapter from the Old Testament book of Proverbs each day. We read it together on the days we are able to meet. I remind him of this daily question—How does this bring me closer to God? We then go over a few verses that stand out and why. He hasn’t done as well with writing down his answers to the question in his journal; but he is consistent with it. I have seen him becoming more sensitive to the needs of his brother and sister—most of the time! He still has moments where he rags on them, but it is beginning to show more that he cares. This past weekend he moved through another rite of passage by leading a bible lesson that he developed by himself— with some input from dad of course. He did a very good job talking about the life of Job and how it applies to our lives today. This marks the completion of the Spiritual part of his rite of passage. He has memorized some bible verses, begun developing a relationship with God and lead a bible study. Next week we begin the Mental part of the journey by entering the Halls of Knowledge where we will read through certain books together. I will go into more detail about the books that have been selected and how we will go through them in another post.