Allow me a brief recap of our journey. Our oldest son turns 13 early next year. It has been my desire to assist him in his young life through a rite of passage. After looking over numerous programs, I came to the conclusion that they did not accomplish my desire for him, so an unexpected journey was born. The theme was taken from Director Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit and began back in June. We have paralleled the movie by mapping out a route to Manhood Mountain. Our journey began at Adolescent hill taking us along a leisurely trail to Spirit Mountain before emerging at our current location in the Hall of Knowledge. Spirit Mountain took 13-weeks to pass through. The journey took us through three rites of passages filled with many enemies who attempted to bring our journey to a crashing halt. Spirit Mountain revealed three very important sanctuaries; the man-cave, the man-mirror and the wisdom well. These three resting places enabled my son to find encouragement while allowing us to establish a very strong bond. Spirit Mountain helped establish my son in his spiritual journey to manhood by giving him certain scriptures to memorize—the wisdom well to draw a refreshing drink of wisdom from–build a relationship with God by reading daily from the book of Proverbs while searching for the answer to a single question—how does this bring me closer to God?— and by leading a bible discussion. The man mirror came into play while gathering in the man-cave. The man mirror are the things that define a man along with the characteristics of a man that have been repeated daily.

The Hall of Knowledge is where the second part of the rite of passage will take place. In this rite my son will began to establish a mindset that will carry him into manhood. In this rite of passage we will read three books. This part of the journey will take 12-weeks that are broken into a set number of pages to be read aloud in the man-cave daily.