Little did I realize when this journey began back in June the trials that I would personally walk through. I had no idea that my job security would be lost, that I would be challenged with finding sustainable employment and be on the verge of complete and total collapse while challenging my son to take a journey into manhood. The tests have been quite real while the lessons offered to my son are very personal. My lack of posting an entry over the past several weeks has been largely due to the fact that I have been struggling myself to find firm footing. It had not been my intent to write any of this, but alas a lesson can be found. Even though the battle continues to rage and the victory is not visible, I have been able to show my son—the entire family for that matter—the reality of trusting in God and walking out your belief in Him. To be sure there are adolescent challenges that he is facing as his body undergoes the physical changes necessary for this transition. There have certainly been attitude’s that need adjusting as he collides with the “expected” things that run cross-grain his wish or desire. However I can say that the relationship that has been forged between the two of us while on this journey has proven to be stronger than the physiological changes he is experiencing. I have been able to talk very candidly with him concerning the things that I am struggling with. I seems that my vulnerability has helped him to open up in challenges within his own life. We have been forced to alter our progression due to economic hurdles, but we have not abandoned our journey. I hope this offers some encouragement. It is very likely that this will be the last post for a while. Our journey is certainly not over. Prayerfully some insights have been offered that will enable some fathers and sons the opportunity to embark on a similar journey. It has been excitingly scary!