Hi All. I have received several responses of sympathy and offers of prayer regarding my last post. I greatly appreciate your care and concern, but let me very clear. This is not a tale of sorrow and sadness. Neither is it a tale of hopelessness and despair. If that were the intent this tale would have never been written. This tale is one of a journey of the most unexpected kind. It is a journey of hope and a future. It is a journey with God the Father with favorable outcomes and joyous conclusions.

To be sure, the story is true, the pain real and the situation grim, but hope is not lost! The purpose of sharing this story in this way is to offer hope to those who are themselves hopeless. It is to provide help for those who are helpless and perhaps—just perhaps—to offer healing to those who are hurting.

To be sure friends we are on an adventure, a journey that has turned into the most unexpected tale you can imagine—or is it? Abraham followed God and was displaced, a wondering nomad, before entering into the things promised him by God. Joseph followed God and ended up a slave as well as in prison before seeing what God had shown him come to pass. David followed God and became the most wanted man in the land living in caves before stepping into the promise for his life.
Even though we have not seen a conclusion to this journey yet, we continue to hope— hope in the God who sent his son to bring us into a relationship with him. It is that hope that fosters the belief that causes us to speak things that are contrary to the circumstances around us. We speak things according to the Word of God like “I know the thoughts I have for you—of a hope and future.”
It is this hope that causes us to speak which motivates us to act on that which seems impossible—Peter did walk on water. The time we live in allows this story to be presented in (almost) real-time. The beauty of this is the fact that others who may find themselves struggling through something can read this and find hope to carry on. The difference is the story is current, happening to real people today rather than real people who lived a long time ago when (perhaps) things were different than they are today.
No, this is real, it is today and the outcome will be just as exciting as the stories of old. So again, thank you sincerely for your prayers and concern, but keep reading for the tale is still unfolding!