We are finally beginning to see a path taking shape. This rite of passage will become an essential element in this journey to manhood. Before we get to today’s discovery, let me speak to the process that we are taking to get there along with some observations of this father/son time. Let me start by saying that the relationship between my son and I is a good one. However what I immediately noticed is my son wanting to hang around dad. At times as we sit on the sofa doing our research, he will lay his head on my shoulder— not manly I know, but as a dad, I enjoy it! I have also noticed his willingness to get involved with our discussion. Perhaps you can relate if you have a 12-year old son.

The rite of passage will be broken into three parts—spirit, soul and body. Each part will work to support the other.
You may recall that my son decided to focus on the spiritual part first. This part will have three components, which are:

1—memorize certain scriptures
2—build a relationship with God
3—lead a bible study
There are certain verses in the bible that I selected because—for me—they speak to the matter of manhood. My son will work on selecting certain verses. These verses of scripture will number 13. There is no particular reason for settling on that number other than it may represent one verse for each year of his life. Neither is there any particular reason for the verses of scripture other than I felt they were important. Should you like to know what those verses are, I will gladly supply them for you.

My son will have one week to memorize one verse. This means that this first step on the path to manhood will take 13 weeks.
The second component, “building a relationship with God,” will work in tandem with the first. My son has agreed to read one chapter a day from the Old Testament book of Proverbs. We may read it together or he may read it alone. I have given him a question to ask himself at the end of each chapter. The question: “How does this get me closer to God?” I also gave him a journal to use to write down any answers or ideas he may come up with. We will discuss these, as we need to.

The third component, “Lead a bible study,” will be at a date to be determined together. There is time to develop this further into the journey. To bring some “fun” into this journey, we talked about making our own map—like the one the Hobbits followed—that will lead us to Manhood Mountain! More on that as it develops.