This past week has seen great advances followed by great setbacks. The good news is that the advances out weigh the setbacks. It seems as though a corner has been turned in this phase of the journey. The bills are paid, the groceries are in the fridge and a couple of dollars are still in the bank. The apostle James said we are not to take thought for tomorrow; but who knew that he was talking about the 21st century! I think some very important revelations have come to light through these past few weeks of the journey. I will be posting several new pages that deal with Easter, faith, and speaking the Word of God. I know that the website has not come close to reaching its potential of touching people for Christ; but I remain thankful that it is having some positive impact on some. The importance of building a relationship with the godhead cannot be overstated. This is what will separate the believers from the attenders—those who have only a religious understanding of Christ and his kingdom. As I understand the scriptures regarding the end of the age, it is marked by hardship. In fact in one place Jesus himself says that those who endure until the end will be saved. These are very strong words for the Lord to use. Please do not become confused by thinking I am speaking about some vow of poverty. I am not. The disciples ask Jesus about the end of the age and he speaks very candidly about it. Saying that suffering and heartache will be everywhere. It will be the ones who know their God who will overcome. You may recall the plagues of the Old Testament when God delivered his children from Egyptian slavery. The children of Israel suffered many of the same plagues that the Egyptians suffered. There was a point that God placed a difference between them, but for the most part, everyone suffered. Our saving grace—if you will—will be our ability to hear that still small voice of the Holy Spirit directing us so as to avoid certain things. It will take an intimate relationship with the godhead to do that.