Today is resurrection Sunday, the day that most miraculous event in history took place. The brutally beaten, torn, and crucified Christ rose up alive from the dead. I do not know if anything significant has or will happen on this day. I do know that I have sensed that something would take place. Time will tell I suppose. It is interesting to me that today’s blog relating the spiritual side of this most recent element of our journey falls on this Sunday—resurrection day. There is an old saying that was coined by Alcoholics Anonymous that said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” The saying speaks of change and change is exactly what happened on this day over two-thousand years ago in Israel when the spirit of life surged into Jesus’ lifeless body. God arose victorious to forever change the course of humanity. The spiritual side of this segment of our journey is about such a change. As everything mentioned began to unfold I found myself quoting—out loud—the Word of God. “Faith comes by hearing the word of God,” I began to say. I would follow that up with another verse of scripture like, “My God shall supply all of my need according to his riches in glory through Jesus Christ my king.” I would say out loud, “He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for your iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are healed.” These were not just words that I was spewing out of my mouth. They were—and are—the eternal word of the living God. I began speaking them out loud. I began proclaiming them over my life and the situation we as a family are in. Faith is a key component to all of this. It is the belief and assurance that God is who he says he is, and will do what he says he will do. This is nothing new to me. I have known this for years. I have preached it for years. I have lived it for years. However I have also allowed “insanity” to creep in by not speaking the word of God out loud. I have allowed sideshow distractions like projects, television, and any number of other things to replace spending time in the word of God learning the many valuable lessons found in it. I had allowed complacency to rule the day while thinking I could casually think about the word of God and achieve the winning edge. This was, is and will always be a lie. The Apostle Paul tells us in his writings in the New Testament to study to show ourselves approved. The Apostle Peter tells us to sober and vigilant. I recall a story that fits what I am saying so perfectly. It took place while in Bible College. A student’s car had broken down about an hour’s drive away from the college. Another student had a truck and volunteered to get the car and tow it back to the college. I went along for the ride. The entire time we were enroute to the car, we were talking about the Word of God. By the time we arrived we were so jacked up on faith that we believed we could move mountains. When we arrived, we jumped out of the truck, placed our hands on the hood of the car and spoke out boldly that it would run just fine. My friend got in his car, turned the key and it started! We were elated. You could say any number of things to explain what had happened and you could be right. Here is what I know. The car not only started, it ran the entire hour drive back without incident. It ran the remainder of the school year without one single incident. We were thrilled that we operated on the belief that God would do what he said he would do—and he did. Fast forward to today. The situation we are currently in has not suddenly turned around. We are not living on easy street without a care in the world. However, something has changed. Things are turning in our direction. The difference has been the speaking of the Word of God in such a way that my ears hear it. The connection is the hearing of the Word of God coupled with the measure of faith that everyone one of us has been promised by the Father. This formula, if you will, has worked for thousands of years and will continue to work until the Father sends the Son to take his family home. Another piece of the puzzle called the unexpected journey has been put into place.