I awakened quite early this morning realizing that I had just another dream in what seems to be a series of dreams. This is becoming a pattern whereby I dream something awakening at 4:00 am before drifting back to sleep. This morning was different though the usual pattern was certainly in place. My mind did not focus on the content of the dream as in morning’s past. I do believe that there is correlation between the dreams. I know that the Father uses dreams to speak to us. I also know that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom to understand or interpret those dreams. None of that was the focal point of this morning. This morning I became to build a matrix—of sorts—for a successful ministry. It was one of those things where I “knew” much more than what I “saw.” And what I saw was a flow chart of positions to build a successful ministry in today’s world’s. What I find so interesting about both the series of dreams as well as this morning’s flow chart is the fact that—whatever the Father’s reasons—I have been removed from the established church for a long time. Just to be clear, I am in no way unset, mad or angry at the church as we see it today. It has its place. This journey that the Father has placed my family and I on has shown us a lot of things regarding the thing we call the church today. My nearly 20 years of experience inside the matrix—if you will—confirms the things that have been learned. To further confirm this, the lack of evidence in key places within the New Testament of scripture coupled with the (1) teachings of the Lord, (2) the gathering of the early believers and (3) the teachings of those apostles assigned the task of carrying on the work of ministry, have allowed me to see the church in an entirely different way. To my amazement, there are many others in Christendom who see the same things. All of this to say that I was removed—not by the hand of man—from that traditional setting and it appeared that I would not be returning—and I was okay with that. It appears from these dreams that a shift could be coming although there is certainly no outward indication of that. To the contrary I am in a deep study to take my insurance experience to a new level. All of this so I can provide for this wonderful family I have been entrusted with. So you know, I am purposely not saying anymore about the flow chart—the book of Proverbs tells us that a fool tells all he knows. What I can say about it is this. Not only is it simplistically extensive, it is seemingly without a structure—as in a building. The journey continues.