I have just read something that I think will change my life once I am able to comprehend it. My son and I have continued our journey into reading our last book as I mentioned in the last post. We are able to dialogue about what we are hearing from each chapter. I was pleasantly surprised the other evening when he told how much he liked that chapter. He said it was his favorite chapter thus far, which makes sense given his bent toward filmmaking. It likened relationships to splashes of colors with one intertwining with another. His imagination had no problem seeing the beautiful panoramic picture that the chapter was painting. It was an enjoyable time with him.

I am not ready to unfold the thing that will likely change my life just yet. I showed it to my wife who told me it must be something for me to delve into because it didn’t hit her at all like it impacted me. One thing I have learned in my life is that not everything revealed is meant for public consumption—some things are only in the Father’s timing. This seems to be one of those things. I can tell you that it deals with relationships and the power, purpose and presence of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. I like the analogy of putting together a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle. The kind where there is no clear designs to form into clusters and put together until you are able to see the bigger picture. As you stay after it, you occasionally have a run where a dozen or so pieces just fall into place. You feel like you have accomplished something even though a dozen pieces against 5000 are hardly worth mentioning. This describes what I have just experienced. I now have a lot of homework—if you will—that I need to do. There are passages of scripture to revisit along with old sermon notes to dig up. There are Old Testament references to cross with New Testament references that will bring about new understanding of what it means to be a Christian. It is part of the journey that I most enjoy, but that I devote far too little time to doing. I have been spending large amounts of time in study for work. I have to balance making a paycheck so we can live with studying so we can improve with being the father and husband that is so necessary to the family—especially during this part of our journey. This is on top of the uncertainty of current arrangements along with the continual failing health of my mother. Life could hardly be more fun! However speaking of fun, the creative mandate is still in play. A recent trip to the library found a book on filmmaking, how to play chess and knitting for pleasure. There have not been any more movies made and I haven’t been beaten at chess again, nor is there any rainbow loom items to offer for sale; the knitting is still a something that is headed toward a scarf, I think. The piles of cardboard have been turned into a Captain America shield, a Flash shield and a bazooka. The tank is still a work in progress. The board game Stratego has been discovered and played nearly daily for the past week. The swimming pool continues to get a lot of action as do the bottle rockets—even post holiday and in the evening of course. This part of our journey is somewhat like that puzzle. There is a lot going on while at the same time, there isn’t much at all going on. But it is a journey and we are on it.