Just when I thought this blog could be coming to a close, I am given new reason to continue. Last week I wrote about my recent hire with a fortune 100 company. I begin my training next week—that is the good news. Because I am starting all over again, so is my pay; which means I will be considerably short each week in meeting the family budget—that is the new challenge. My supervisor told me that I could sell insurance as long as it didn’t interfere with my work—that is the good news. Insurance sells is a commission-only position; which means contacting a lot of people in order to sit in front of a few in order to sell some—that is the challenge. My new employer is rapidly expanding; which means opportunity for advancement is extremely high—more good news. However while in training as well as working toward a promotion I will need to supplement the income with the insurance sales—again the challenge. I am convinced that there is no sunshine and lollipops this side of heaven. By this I mean that life is not comfortable and cheery. To be sure you will have moments of great joy; but you will always have times of great challenge. There is an Old Testament prophet who spoke harshly to those living in comfort in Jerusalem. He said, “What sorrow awaits you who lounge in luxury in Jerusalem,” Amos 6. Jesus tells us in the New Testament book of St. John that we will have trials, testing and turmoil in this life—how comforting. He then tells us to be happy about it because he has overcome the world that will be offering them. The reason I am saying this is because there still must be a “drawing closer to Him” relationship in our current situation. There still must be a “resting in His trust” attitude in this journey. And there must be, (I recently heard this phrase), a “passion for patience” in His will being accomplished in our lives. It remains my hope that you will find comfort in your journey by reading of the victories that we experience while in ours. It seems that timing is an issue with the launching of the website that I have spoken about. This site will offer more hope and encouragement for those on the unexpected journey; however for now it remains on hold. The unexpected journey with our second son is so unlike the journey with our first son that it may offer hope to those struggling with raising their children. All of this to say, find hope here; be encouraged that you can make it and know for certain that God’s word is true for your journey.