Happy Resurrection day everyone! For me one of the most important things that make this religious holiday so significant is the fact that you can point to a precise time in history that it took place. It is the one story about Jesus that has a specific day in time attached to it. As a follower of Christ we know that he was born—but just the speculation of a date. We know that he did many marvelous miracles; but to the unbeliever, they amount to stories written in a book. The calendars of the world even allude to Christ, pointing to a time in history believed to be the time of his birth, as a shifting in time. But, only one event can be marked with a precise time stamp on it—the resurrection! The day he arose from the dead. Looking outside the biblical writings about Christ, you will find a noted Roman historian (Tacitus) who writes—with much distain—about the crucifixion of Christ. In Jewish tradition the retelling of the Passover in the Old Testament book of Exodus reminds the Jewish people of the horrible bondage they were delivered from when the death angel passed over every house that had the sacrificial lamb’s blood over the doorpost. We know from the account in the bible that Jesus was crucified at the time of Passover. In his teachings Jesus makes reference to Jonah of the Old Testament being three days and nights in the belly of a great fish. He uses that reference to prepare his disciples for his death, being in the grave for three days. Can you imagine what it must have been like that morning? The ladies were filled with mixed emotions as they headed toward the tomb. The morning sky was just before breaking into the cascading sunshine of a blue sky new day when the rolling of thunder stopped them in their tracks. Frightened they hurried along the path hoping they could convince the guards watching the tomb to let them anoint the body of Christ with the spices they had prepared. To their amazement the guards lay paralyzed on the ground their eyes in wide-eyed astonishment. The stone covering the mouth of the tomb was rolled aside allowing them access. Cautiously they began to enter when suddenly they were taken aback by what they saw. Two men, at least they thought they were men, dressed in brilliant white robes caused them to freeze in fear. One of them spoke up, his voice gentle yet firm. He told them not to be afraid but to notice Jesus was not to be found there for he had risen. Not knowing what to do, they took off running as fast as they could. They reached the house where the disciples were staying. They pounded on the door until one of them got up and let them in. Their story seemed to them to be a fairy tale—alive indeed. Two of them took off in a run for the tomb to see for themselves. Mary, one of the ladies, followed them. They saw, they wondered and they left. Mary however lingered. That is when it happened. Deep in thought she did not even notice the man approach her. His voice startled her when he asked what she was looking for. After a brief exchange, the man spoke her name, “Mary,” he simply said. In that instant she knew it was Jesus. He is indeed alive.