This is the second key factor that I wanted to express concerning my situation. The question is how does all of this play into my situation—and more importantly—how does it help you along the way in your journey with the Father? The answer is the intent of the heart. My desire to surrender my life to the Father’s will has not changed. In my humanness, my logic got in the way. This is important. Mankind’s free will is so at the center of this that we are allowed to change our mind at any step along the way. Had this been the case—I changed my mind therefore no longer wanting to travel down this path—the outcome would have been something different. The will of the Father would have yielded to my will. There would have been a measure of blessing bestowed upon my endeavor—the love of the Father is behind this—but I would have fallen short of allowing the Father’s will to be accomplished in my life. Everything that is done in this life is done in preparation for eternity—either with or without God. It is understood that the entryway into a godly eternity is acceptance of Christ into one’s life while the entryway into a godless eternity is the rejection of Christ into one’s life. If indeed God’s thoughts and ways are far different than our own, it stands to reason that God’s thoughts and ways deal with the eternal element of our lives far more than the temporal elements of our lives. One way to look at it is this. Do you want to be in charge of your retirement planning or do you want a financial planner to take care of it for you? The way you live your life will be decided based on your decision. One decision may afford you more enjoyment today, while the other may defer some enjoyment for a tomorrow.

Because my desire has not changed, the Holy Spirit had permission to get my attention back on what really mattered—following the will of the Father for my life. This is how it played out. I went through six weeks of training with the expectation of receiving passing marks at various intervals along the way. I started out well, but ended up falling short of the passing mark! As I stated earlier I allowed my focus to be divided. The midterm test revealed that I was struggling. This prompted discussions with my instructors. We agreed to a course of action—action that I followed. The morning of the final exam I was confident that I had the material down. The ensuing test revealed otherwise. I failed to receive a passing mark. This prompted several personal meetings with various manager’s as to what the next course of action would be; with the stiffest being termination. From the natural point of view, my employment life was in the hands of others that I did not even know. From the Father’s point of view, my employment life was in His loving hands. The decision was made to give me another chance. I am to retake the course, pass the tests and continue my new career. I write this because it underscores the importance of a relationship with the godhead. It speaks volumes of the Father’s love and longing to be involved in our daily lives. I dare say that the outcome could have been different had I only a casual once or twice a week check in with God rather than a daily personal communion with him. I could have shaken my fist toward heaven blaming him for ruining my life when in fact I was the guilty party. This journey with God can be shared with community, but there is an undeniable element that is meant for you and he alone. Have you ever considered that the bible tells us that Jesus arose early well before dawn to spend time with the Father; but with one exception—when the 12-disciples were chosen—it never divulges what went on during those times? I can tell you this, you will laugh and cry; you will ponder and suggest; and you will find yourself longing for more and more. I stated earlier that this portion of my journey centers around two issues, trust and control. While going around this mountain is never fun, it can deepen your relationship with the godhead.