It is time for some of the back-story; but before I get there, let me tell you that our middle son and I have just begun his journey to manhood. The reason our oldest son and I began the journey is because of the lack of natural material in the marketplace on rites of passage for young adolescent boys. Everything I found seemed so canned that I decided to create our own material; thus the unexpected journey was born. I was uncertain how this journey with our middle son would go because I did not want what had been created with the first journey to become just another “program” to follow. Each of us are uniquely made with particular designs that make us uniquely who we are. It is important for me that we celebrate that uniqueness rather than be made to conform to the pattern just because it has been made for someone else. I am pleased to say that with our middle son the similarities are there without stifling his uniqueness. It was June of last year when our oldest son and I took off for the unexpected journey. It was also the time that I found out that I was being let go from the new business that brought us to the Carolina’s the year before. As we begin this new journey, I find myself in an unstable work environment filled with a lot of uncertainty. I have managed to secure a part-time job to help cover some bills. I have also discovered the joy of donating plasma for cash—it really is “blood” money! It puts gas in the car. The first paycheck came in this week; which meant making payments on bills due. The uncertainty of how much would be taken out in taxes made me unsure of how much there would be to work with. I calculated an amount to work with waiting for Friday morning so I could check the account. The amount in the account was less than I calculated. This meant that there would be $35 to buy groceries for a family of five for the next two-weeks. As you may recall, I have repeatedly stated that I would shout it to anyone willing to listen when our God showed up in our behalf. Needless to say, I was doing a different kind of shouting. “I need some understanding of this Father,” I cried. “I have laid it on the line trusting you and your word. I have seen you show up countless times before. What is going on?” I heard that unmistakenly still small voice say, “Call the bank.” I have been around long enough to know when the Lord is speaking to me. I have learned to not even attempt to figure out the logic in why I am to do what I am to do; so I called the bank. It turns out that there was I charge on the account that should not have been there. Once the correction was made, I had $110 to buy groceries. I felt like a king. I told my wife that it had to be the Lord because having so little to buy so much shouldn’t make anyone happy—but there I was grinning so broadly that I could have eaten a sub sandwich sideways! I was so excited that while my wife and I were out without the children, I pulled into the drive-thru at the burger joint and ordered a couple of burgers, fries and soda from the dollar menu! (I felt like celebrating—so we did!) The journey is far from over. The light at the end of the tunnel is still nowhere in sight. But—at least—for this week there is joy in our heart, food in our belly and a smile on our face.