There is a passage of scripture in the gospel’s regarding the apostle Peter that has always intrigued me. I believe it can serve as an answer to these many questions. Jesus is giving the disciples instructions concerning life after his ascension to the Father. He says something like this to Peter. When you were a young man Peter you did what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it. However when you become old you will stretch out your hands and others will take you where you do not want to go. Jesus told Peter this to let him know the type of death he would face and that this death would bring glory to God. This is amazing given the fact that history tells us that Peter was crucified—hanging on a cross as Jesus did. How could this possibly bring glory to God; but this is what Jesus tells him? Hollywood has done a great job portraying brave warriors loyal to their king who are willing to lay down their lives for him and his kingdom. The apostle Peter is a biblical example of such a warrior. I like Peter. I trust one day to have an at-length conversation with him. He seems to have been a bold, brash, arrogant person not afraid to speak his mind. Peter also seems to be a man that tenaciously held to his convictions. It is Peter who tells Jesus to leave his ship because he is not worthy to be in his presence. It is Peter who asks—receives permissions—to walk on water—and walks on water. It is Peter who blurts outs “You are the Christ, son of the living God,” when asked by Jesus to explain who he is. It is also Peter who sees a glorified Christ on a mountainside. The same Peter three-times denies Christ when approached by people during Christ’s betrayal. It is Peter who stands up on what is called the day of Pentecost and delivers a most stirring message that results in over 3,000 people saying yes to follow Christ. Consider this question. Do you suppose that Peter had a casual acquaintance with Jesus or do you think he had a deeper relationship with him? I trust you will agree that Peter’s relationship with the Master was a very deep one. The other day my wife and I were returning from the store. We pulled up to the traffic light stopping behind a vehicle that had an intriguing sticker on it. I think we both read it at the same time. It said, “Do you follow Jesus this close.” We chuckled, looking at each other and said, yes!