Do you suppose that Peter had a casual acquaintance with Jesus or do you think he had a deeper relationship with him? I trust you will agree that Peter’s relationship with the Master was a very deep one. The other day my wife and I were returning from the store. We pulled up to the traffic light stopping behind a vehicle that had an intriguing sticker on it. I think we both read it at the same time. It said, “Do you follow Jesus this close.” Here is the point of Peter’s story. This is why it ties our journey with eternal things. Jesus told Peter that he would die by being crucified. Tradition tells us that Peter was crucified upside down because he thought himself unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as his Master. Jesus tells Peter that in dying this way he will bring glory to the Father. I am thinking that if I am Peter I would be taking issue with this—maybe he did; but he died that way nonetheless. In my logic I believe that I could build a pretty strong case as to why this would be a cruel, harsh way for God to treat Peter. Crucifixion was one of the most heinous forms of death ever developed. But Jesus tells Peter that in this way he will bring glory to the Father. How can that be? I can only speculate possible scenarios as to how that could be. The fact is the Bible does not give us an answer to that question. However it is the bigger picture that we must focus on. Something in Peter’s life was meant to bring glory to the Father. There is no way that something—being crucified—would have happened if Peter had a casual relationship with the Lord. The gospel of John in the New Testament tells us that Jesus spoke some hard things that caused many of his followers to walk away from him. In another place Jesus asks his disciples if they too will leave. I believe it is Peter who answers him by saying, “Where else would we go?” A relationship is a choice. It has always been a choice and it will always remain a choice. This is important to understand. The fact that mankind is made and created in the image and likeness of God means that mankind has the ability to choose. In the garden in the Old Testament book of Genesis, Eve made a choice, as did Adam. In Egypt the man Moses made a choice to defend a helpless man. It was a young David that made a choice to stand up to a huge giant of a man Goliath. I guess you could say that each of them men could answer yes to that bumper sticker question! You must understand, the deeper the relationship, the deeper the trust. Each of these people had a deep relationship with God and each did incredible things that brought glory to him. There is an undeniable correlation between our commitment to Christ and our productivity in the kingdom of Christ. The question is do we trust him enough to surrender control of our life to him? This is a slap in the face to so many things that I have been taught—as well as taught to others. For example, where do I put my five-year goals in this? What am I supposed to do with my dreams and desires? It seems unfair that I suffer while others around me prosper. These—as well as many other—are questions that I seek to answer on the website that is being put together.