However, back to the journey. I remember driving into work that Friday morning with a song in my heart. I remember there being such a peace within my being. While taking calls that I day I received compliment after compliment from those I assisted. The team coach even encouraged me as to how well I was doing. The point of saying this is to say that there wasn’t even a hint in my spirit that something was wrong. Unlike earlier in the week when I prayed and prayed while driving to work sensing something wasn’t right. Once the brief meeting was over and I was escorted out of the building, there was such a peace. In my logic I was in shock, but in my spirit—my heart—there was great peace. There seemed to be no worry at all about anything. It was going to be all right. It was somewhere around this time that our tax returned arrived. This brings me to another matter concerning trust and control. My and wife and I had made a commitment to give a portion—over half—of the funds to someone. A friend had sent a letter announcing an upcoming mission’s trip. The letter asked for prayer and if possible financial support. Without any visible means of income, the tax return would have to serve as our financial support. What were we to do? The answer was easy—keep the funds while explaining to those involved what had happened. However trust and control had to be factored into this equation. We had made a commitment to give the funds away. My wife and I both felt in our heart that we were to provide some financial support to our friend going on the mission trip. The result of that decision would mean having less than one-month of funds to live on. I would suspect that you could guess what we did. We have the money. Our trust remains in the Lord who has promised to take care of us. I received a partial paycheck from my former employer; which paid the necessary bills that week. The following week someone bought groceries for us—they actually gave us the money to buy what we needed. I began attempting to sell insurance, but it proved fruitless. It was on my heart to tell everyone that I knew that I was looking for employment while I sent resumes and applications to everyplace I could find. Last week I received a phone call and as I result went in for an informal interview. As a result of the informal interview I was sent to the HR director. As a result of being sent to the HR director I filled out an application. This week I will have a second interview followed by a formal interview by the person I saw informally. The result is I have been hired doing something I once enjoyed doing. The deeper the relationship, the deeper the trust. I can honestly say that it has been easier this time although not without very emotional moments. The point is this. There is a king who has a kingdom. Those who have a relationship with him will surrender their control to the king’s trust of the way for them to serve his kingdom.