The focal point of this blog has changed from chronicling the journey my son and I took into manhood to chronicling the challenges of following Abba on a journey of life challenging proportions. It is difficult to believe that nearly 20-years ago I decided to cast off the restraints and “go for God.” Even though I had lived my life serving him, it was a decision that I now realize how ill prepared I was to make. That being said, my depth of understanding of how the godhead operates has both increased as well as grown more mysterious. Let me explain. Since I was a teenager I had made a commitment to daily read my bible and spend one hour a day in prayer. I am very thankful for the strength that grew in my life as a result of that decision. In the past nearly twenty years I have come to “know” the voice of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I say it that way because it is a “knowing” rather than a hearing. Here is the mysterious part. There are still times that I “think” what I have heard is the voice of the Lord. There are times that look toward heaven and ask, “really?” I have not a clue as to what I am supposed to do in a situation or why I am in it. There are times when I am at such peace in the midst of a very difficult matter and times when I am beside myself with wonder about the Father’s purpose in all of this. I am pretty certain that King David had the same challenges because of the songs he wrote, “Why have you forsaken me, When will you answer me, and How long must I wait,” are the words of a few of David’s songs. Just to be clear David knew his God for within each of those same songs he writes, “I will lift my voice and praise you, you are my God and my king, and my trust is in you Lord.” This is a man the bible calls a friend of God! (There is hope for me!)

The Apostle Paul didn’t write his words in a song, he simply put them out there for all to hear. “I know what it is like to have a lot and I know what it is like to have little. I want to do things that I don’t do and the things I don’t want to do, I find myself doing.” The Apostle Paul also wrote, “It is my God that supplies all of my need according to his riches in glory because of Jesus Christ my Lord.” “I can do all things through Christ because he gives me the strength.” This is a man credited with writing two-thirds of the New Testament. (There is hope for each of us!)

I guess the point of this rambling is that not everyone who has decided to be a follower of Jesus embarks on a journey with him. It takes a deeper commitment of faith to take the necessary step into the unknown with Abba. It is like the scene in the Indiana Jones movie where he has to take a step of faith and cross the great divide without any visible means to do so. It was only after he took the step that he discovered the invisible pathway. But here is the interesting part about that scene. Once Indiana reached the other side, the knight guarding the Holy Grail attempted to take his live! If that wasn’t enough he had to make a very tough decision as to which cup would be the right cup—the wrong cup meant death. All of that “after” he took the step of faith. It is something to think about.