As I sit to write this post we are literally hours away from the start of 2016. My wife and I were reflecting on the past year and realized that in a few weeks we will have been homeless for two-full years. This isn’t to say we have had to live under the bridge. Our father has been faithful to provide a secure roof over our heads as well as some sense of security for the family. The interesting thing about this is the fact that such provision has come from two different widows. I am not at all certain where—if anywhere—that fits into Abba’s plan for us, but it is interesting that some kind of parallel can be drawn in this journey and the scriptures. Here is what I know. Religion has attempted to brand us as outcasts while the Spirit has quietly led us into measures of blessing. The journey has been more exciting than scary while being more scary than exciting. There is a sense of expectation with an equal dose of wonder—will we ever get to the other side of this. I think the lessons to be learned center around the renewing of the intellect to conform to the will of the Father as well as the attempt to strengthen the resolve of faith in the godhead’s purpose for our lives. I would say it is the classic dichotomy—the outer veneer looks the same while the inner being wrestles with living life spirit-led. This is why it has been called an unexpected journey. It is also why it has been classified as excitingly scary. As I see it there are three areas that are challenging us in 2016. The pressure is on to find a place to live—prayerfully not under the bridge. The signs of defiance follow this from the son who prompted this journey to be written about, turning15-years old. The third area of challenge is the radical weather conditions. They are of particular interest in light of scripture. Each of these areas are wrapped up in a strong abiding relationship with the godhead. Trust will be a key factor in the success of our journey while discerning the signs of the time will play a more important role than in years past. Each of these generalities will give way to specific directions as this year unfolds. It will be very interesting to see many who are locked in the matrix will endure the challenges—even hardships—that will certainly fall upon the community of believers. One of the passages of scripture that is stirring in my heart is found in the Apostle Paul’s writings. It tells us that Christ followers are supposed to be crucified—that is put to death—with Christ. The life we are currently living is supposed to be lived through Christ being alive in us. This has great bearing on me at this particular time in our journey. I know in times past difficult news—you must find a place to live—would prompt deep concern, even worry. I would wrestle with being angry with God for allowing such a thing to happen to be—one of his children! Instead I have found myself asking a very peculiar question. It is as though I have caught myself asking it. In other words my ears are hearing the words my mouth are speaking without it first passing through intellect. The question I am asking is this. “What am I supposed to be feeling about this?” If I have been put to death with Christ and Christ indeed is supposed to be living this life of mine through me, then how am I supposed to process this situation? Am I to be angry? Am I to let it slip into one ear and out the other without it registering in my emotions? Or, am I to fall on my knees and pray until an answer presents itself? My wife and I have seen this growing defiance coming on with our son for several months. We have made attempts to address it—all without success. We understand where it is coming from—we have dealt with it experientially in our own lives; but what are we supposed to do about it in our son’s life? So once again the question arises, “What am I supposed to be feeling about this?” I understand from the scriptures that anytime God speaks about his great army it is referring to nature—the insects, the wind or the weather. As 2015 progressed the intensity as well as frequency of traumatic weather increased globally. Yet again the question arises ”What am I supposed to be feeling about this?” Indeed the journey in 2016 will be most unexpected. Happy New Year everyone.