I learned of another interesting matter regarding our children that my wife told me about this weekend. Our oldest son will turn 14-years old in a few weeks. He approached my wife about a decision that he has recently made. Each day he is going to read a chapter in the bible because he wants to learn more about God. A couple of nights ago he approached me with a question about something he had read earlier that day. He noticed that in Genesis that God spoke in the plural form when speaking about creating mankind. For about the next 15-minutes we had a very exciting conversation. It was one that reminded me of myself when I was four years older than he is now. When I mentioned our conversation to my wife, she informed me that our children are very interested in the book of Revelations. They are convinced that this is the year that the Lord will return. There are two things that I find very interesting about this. To begin with I wonder where this interest in this New Testament book of prophecy has come from. They have been raised in a Christian environment being taught in Christian schools until being home schooled two years ago. To my knowledge none of them have had any in-depth teaching on the book of Revelations. There may have been a time or two that a passage of scripture from the book has been used in our family fellowship time, but nothing even close to arousing their curiosity to this level. As a former traditional pastor and continued student of the Bible, I am aware of the many theories of end of time events. I have studied them for years; but my children have only heard about a couple of them in passing during a 35-minute chapel service here and there. How is it that they have such a desire to learn more about this book? What is it that has caused them to become convinced that the return of the Lord is so near? This continues to intrigue me. It also encourages me that the hardship of our journey his past year has not been able to turn them away from the Lord. To be sure they have questions about why this or that—they are after all children. But it appears that their resolve to follow Him has not diminished.

There are still some positive things that are in front of us. It appears that this week will give us some defining direction. If any who read this are given to prayer; prayer that someone would present themselves to assist me in finalizing the web-page would be very much appreciated. Happy New Year.