I have been silent for the past couple of weeks simply because the pressure of this part of the journey has been too intense to bear. I recently read a portion of scripture out of The Message bible from Deuteronomy where Moses is speaking to the people of Israel recapping the past 40-years of their journey. In the eighth chapter he tells them how God—their God—put them through intense hardship, lack and testing in order to prove them ready to accept the intense blessings they were about to inherit once they crossed the river Jordan.

I have honestly battled with continuing to post anything figuring that no one is reading and no one is be being benefited from this journey; and that may be the case. However, I realize that the journey the Father has for each of us is as different as each of his children who are precious in his sight. These years have tried, tested, proven as well as disproven nearly everything I believed as well as taught for so many years. I have yet to find an understanding of our journey—that is until reading this portion of scripture in Deuteronomy. I know the blessing of the Lord is intended for this life as well as eternity to come. I know that this life is intended to prepare us for eternity.

Based on that I believe many people will be totally surprised when they reach eternity. Jesus gave a stern warning when talking with the people on day when he said to them that not everyone who calls him Lord will enter into heaven. He goes on to describe acts of ministry like prophesying, casting out demons and many other works. I am not saying this to frighten anyone, just to say our relationship with the godhead is what determines our place in eternity, not our acts of service. In fact, our acts of service should only come out of our relationship. The Lord is faithful. He does not lie. He will do everything he has promised to do.

The scriptures are full of many examples of this. If you are experiencing untold blessing, then rejoice, perhaps you have crossed over the river Jordan. If you are still experiencing untold trials and tribulations, then rejoice, it means that your river Jordan is still in front of you. Stay the course, the Holy Spirit will lead you to the river and you will cross it.