Several things have happened this week that have created hope in our situation. None of them have any shred of proof or evidence that it is true. This means that both trust and faith have to be employed in order to embrace the hope.

Let me start with the outward and move to the hope. Outwardly this past week did not go well at all. I did not come close to meeting my quota at work;

I saw a doctor who told me that I am pre-diabetic—even though I am in very good shape; and money went out of the account far greater than what went into the account. If that wouldn’t encourage you, I don’t know what would! (Just kidding in case you think otherwise!)

On the hope side three things happened that made the events of the past week seem to be distant memories. The first thing happened while doing my routine bible reading. I read something that I not only read a thousand times before, I have probably preached it a dozen times. The language of the King James Bible states that “Ye are not your own,” while other translations say, “You do not belong to yourself,” and “God owns the whole works.” The passage of scripture is from the Apostle Paul’s writings to the Corinthian believers in the New Testament.

I do not belong to myself. That means that I have no right to say this or that about the things that happen to me. Understand that the qualifying factor in this is that I have surrendered my life to Christ to live as His word and The Spirit direct me. (This element is not possible without a real loving relationship with the godhead).

Jesus taught us to pray the coming of the kingdom of God and the will of the Lord being accomplished in and through our lives.

IF I am living my life as ordered by the Lord, then I do not have a say in what happens whenever it happens in my life. I yielded that right to my Father when I asked him to take control of my life. This does not apply only when things are clipping along smoothly. In fact, it becomes even more important when things are going horribly wrong—in my eyes. That being said, it plays out—or it should play out—this way.

The horrible event takes place; in this case not meeting quota, and hearing the news of pre-diabetes. My response is supposed to be, “What are you wanting to show me in this papa,” or “have I missed something that you want me to see?” How can you say such things?

You are only able to say such things when you understand that you have been put to death with Christ and only live through his life living in and through your life. There is a song that echoes a passage of scripture in the Old Testament books of the prophets that goes something like this. “No matter what tomorrow brings, what it has in store, I will praise the Lord.”

I do not know if any this makes sense.

If it doesn’t, it maybe one of those things that must be caught (by the Holy Spirit) and not taught (by the teachers of the Word).

The simple truth for me this week is the fact that the things that happen in my life are not for me to think on—that is in the Father’s hands. My responsibility is to grow close to him, and give him praise.

The two other things are the same, but occurring at different times. I received a call while I was out in the community to stop by someone’s house that I had assisted earlier in the year. Upon arrival, I discovered enough food set aside for my family for three meals. When asked why, the response was, “I just had you on my heart and wanted to bless you.”

The third thing came at the end of the week while talking to some folks about some neighborhood concerns. I was given more food!

Allow me to explain why these to instances are so important. For whatever reason anytime we have been in a difficult place during this portion of our journey, the Lord has seen to it that people give us food. I would say to him, “I appreciate the food, but Father I need money!” The answer I have received to that has come from the scriptures. There is a verse of scripture also taken from the Apostle Paul’s writings to his young apprentice Timothy that says, “When you have food and clothing, you are to be content or at peace.” Therefore anytime we have found ourselves in a hard place, food has appeared. It has been the Father’s way of saying, “I got this, just relax.” I can tell you that I would have preferred the money, but the food was helpful. I can also tell you that with this newfound understanding of not being in control come a newfound ease in dealing with the Ship High In Transit that we have endured in this phase of our journey. The fact that the food appeared twice in one week means that our rest is complete—this part of the journey is about over.

Faithful is he who has called us; faithful till the end.