The purpose of the map is to have fun time while on the journey. I have experienced some very wonderful times of bonding with my son while on this journey. I am quite thankful that. However I also realize that there must be some times where it is light and fun loving. This week we have spent time working on our map after going over what has become our basic review of what it means to be a man. That review looks like this. What is man created to take care of?

1—the earth 2—things in the earth

What am I created to take care of? –body

(the Holly Spirit helps us take care of these things)

What does it mean to be a man?

–to look after the earth & what is in it –to look after your family
–to build a relationship with God

What would the bible say about being a man?

–walking with God
–providing for your family
–taking care of God’s creation
We are working on eight to nine things that define a man, but the more we review them, the clearer it is becoming that they are really characteristics.
Perhaps I will take a picture of our map—once we have it completed—and post it. This is what my son and I have decided about our map. We are beginning at Adolescent hill. From there the path leads to the Spirit Mountain—where the first rite of passage takes place. This path is filled with many enemies—the five enemies that we have identified that attempt to stop us in our journey. There is even a path that leads to Candy Land. The path is called temptation pass! The journey up this mountain has three key sites— memorize some scriptures, build a relationship with God and lead a bible study. Once these rites are completed our path takes us to another mountain, which we have not yet named. This is where the second rite of passage will unfold. We must pass through the Halls of knowledge by reading three books. The five enemies will certainly be present during this part of the journey. Once this rite is completed the path takes us to a third mountain—again yet unnamed—where the physical rite of passage will take place. Only then will the path lead us to Manhood Mountain. Each mountain will have temptation pass with the allure of Candy Land. Each path will have the five enemies and there attempts to stop us. Along the way there will be two distinct markers designed to assist us in our journey. The first will be the man-mirror, which will be represented by a small pond. The purpose of this marker is to give us time to rest and reflect on the purpose of our journey. It will assist us in reviewing how we are progressing on our journey to manhood. The second marker is the well of wisdom, which will be represented by a stone well. The purpose of this marker is to give us a fresh drink of spirit water by

remembering the scriptures that are being memorized and finding wisdom to carry on. There is much meaning in the map, however the primary function of developing it is to have some fun while on the journey.