The Wisdom Well is one of the stopping points on our map. The point came to be as a result of one of my son’s rites of passage to memorize certain scriptures. This past week I had an opportunity to show him how important the Wisdom Well is including how to use it. There is actually another story that has come out of the incident—that one involves “girls!” However in this part of the story he was struggling with his confidence about being in a new setting—the first day of school. Although I was not there, my wife was. She began sending me text messages about how things were going. She described how he was struggling to find himself in class. He was looking down at his feet, talking quietly and nervously fidgeting in his seat. As my wife and I conversed about this via text—don’t you love modern communication methods—I realized this was a time for him to take a drink from the Wisdom Well. I told my wife to remind him about the well, which she did. At first he said that he didn’t get it, but then he realized what I was talking about and began going over the scriptures in his mind. I have to say that doing so did not cause him to sit up straight squaring his shoulders and talking with bold confidence. But it did help him get through the day by rehearsing the verses of scripture. I encouraged him that it was a victory and that the Wisdom Well did its job by helping him get through the day. Stay tuned, the “girl” part is next!